Welcoming 2022 with a Grateful Heart

Welcoming 2022 with a Grateful Heart

We are amazed and humbled by all we accomplished together in 2021. Thanks to your support, we provided education to children even amidst the pandemic, and they started schools physically successfully. We are incredibly thankful for all the progress and what we have achieved together. Your contribution helps make everything we do possible at JAAGO.

With new students enrolled and teachers employed, we now have 4,192 students and 162 teachers. Our education coordinators are arranging capacity building workshops for the newly recruited teachers. So far, we have conducted four teachers training programmes.. These workshops will equip the teachers in content and pedagogical competence such that they can seamlessly blend the same into classroom practices.

As we gratefully acknowledge your kind support, we are filled with such a great sense of expectation for the New Year to come. We are convinced that we can together do even greater things in 2022. Here’s to another year together!

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