Youth participation and engagement are essential components of a well-functioning society, and young people can bring positive changes if their voice is heard. However, the potential youth are not receiving enough opportunities to talk with decision-makers. To address the issue, JAAGO Foundation has previously arranged such platforms before.

To continue the opportunity for the youth, JAAGO Foundation and The Asia Foundation collaboratively organised a dialogue titled “Youth Voice Matters” to bring one more platform for bringing a change in society with youth’s active participation. To ensure inclusive involvement, 64 youth from across the country joined the dialogue to share their thoughts on the development of Bangladesh with young politicians. The discussion has covered youth engagement in community development, anti-democratic and extreme values, soft skill development and implication in employment, entrepreneurship opportunity in communities, etc.

A Political Analyst and Media Personality, Ms Nobonita Chowdhury, has moderated the dialogue. Our honourable Member of the Parliament, Mr Nahim Razzaq, Mr Adelur Rahman Adel and the National Executive Committee Member of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Mr Tabith Mohammed Awal, joined our youth as the panellists

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