Youth Leaders in 64 Districts of Bangladesh

The youth development programme, commonly known as Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), works for volunteerism, capacity development, youth engagement in good governance and democracy, emergency responses, and gender equality. In addition to that, every year, Volunteer for Bangladesh conducts District Board Elections among the volunteer network to develop leadership and practice of democracy among the youth of Bangladesh and ensure decentralisation of leadership.

For the first time, this year Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD) has had “VBD District Board Election” in 64 districts of Bangladesh through the democratic process. In this election, 702 candidates from the volunteer network of VBD have contested 448 positions in 64 districts of Bangladesh. 1,688 voters have cast their votes in this election to elect their leaders in the concerned districts. By participating in this election process, all the candidates and voters of Volunteer for Bangladesh have got an opportunity to practice democracy. The elected representatives will lead district activities of Volunteer for Bangladesh. This election process creates opportunities for the youth of Bangladesh to bring social changes to their communities and districts. At the same time, this will provide youth with a platform for practising leadership through mobilising 40,000 youth of VBD in community development activities and implementing the SDGs.

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