TikTok partners with JAAGO Foundation for Digital Safety campaign #ShabdhaneOnline

TikTok partners with JAAGO Foundation for Digital Safety campaign

Popular short video-sharing platform TikTok recently launched a campaign in Bangladesh called #ShabdhaneOnline, in association with JAAGO Foundation, to help promote online safety among the youth of the country.

According to research by Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation (CCA), cybercrimes that have increased in 2022 compared to 2021 include social media harassment, cyberbullying, unwanted texts, scams, fraud while buying products online, pornography, copyright crimes, etc. There has been an alarming increase in cyber crimes like social media and other online account hacking or information theft. The report found that 23.79% of the participants were victims of online account hacking, including social media. The rate of harassment using photos or videos of private moments or sexual harassment incidents was 7.69% last year, but it has increased to 9.34% this year.

To combat the challenges of cyber crimes, including social media harassment, scams and fraud, and to help build more understanding of the youth about online safety, TikTok and JAAGO will conduct day-long workshops and digital safety training in 16 districts of Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions for the local social media influencers and youth.

The local youth community will also be provided with information through Online Safety Sessions alongside the workshops. These interactive sessions will discuss the safe use of the internet, the diverse use of social media, how to stay safe from cyberbullying and the importance of positive content-making in youth development.

Our workshop participants are being educated about the many dangers like- hacking, predation, radicalization, hate speech, and scaremongering, and the required steps to be taken to save themselves from such risks. They learned Online Safety Tips and Tricks, Digital Safety, and How to Report Online harassment. Our workshops have grown into a fun and engaging program that provides information necessary to confidently make safe decisions on the internet.

As part of the district’s Online Safety sessions, participants will be assigned to prepare and share video content from their social media profiles in a unique way that promotes positivity toward the safe use of social media.

The 6-month-long campaign aims to create awareness among youth around the responsible use of online platforms. To register for the workshops, click here.

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