COVID-19 Relief Packs Distribution 2021

JAAGO Foundation was one of the active responders when COVID-19 hit Bangladesh last year. Youth leaders of JAAGO Foundation worked together towards helping families in the communities through our relief drive. At the beginning of August 2021, when the waves of Coronavirus was intense, insurmountable, and utterly frightening for the whole country, IPDC Finance Ltd, National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd (NCCB), United Commercial Bank Ltd (UCB) stepped forward and stood by JAAGO Foundation to reach out the affected people of the most vulnerable areas of Bangladesh in the Rajshahi and Khulna districts.


Thousands of people who are the least fortunate and most vulnerable who needed support were reached through three individual relief drives.  Each of the families got 8 kgs of rice, 1 kg of flour, 2 kgs of lentils, 2 kgs of potato, 1 ltr of oil, 1 kg of salt, and so on, including soaps and masks. With proper safety procedure, representatives from the respective banks and JAAGO Foundation distributed the reliefs in the mentioned areas.

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