Apnar Mask Kothay: An Awareness Campaign by JAAGO Foundation

Apnar Mask Kothay Project by JAAGO Foundation

The new strand of COVID called Omicron reached Bangladesh at the beginning of December and has spread rapidly since then. Although the number of cases of Omicron is still on the lower side, there has been a 60% rise in COVID cases since mid-December. More than 70% of Bangladesh’s population lives in rural areas, where most people have not been vaccinated. The people that live in rural areas are the most vulnerable; they need the most help because they have the least access to proper healthcare and resources.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, JAAGO Foundation, has stepped up once again with the support of Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Daraz and Confidence Group for the people of Bangladesh through its countrywide awareness campaign named ”আপনার মাস্ক কোথায়?” (Where is your mask?). COVID-19 is not just a health crisis but also a social, economic, and political crisis that is leaving deep scars all over the world. Volunteer for Bangladesh has been working relentlessly from the beginning to fight COVID-19 through various youth campaigns. This awareness campaign aims to raise awareness among people about the importance of using masks to reduce the spread of COVID 19. Volunteers will also show the people the right way to wear masks.

This awareness campaign will be visible on the street with the participation of the youth in 64 districts of Bangladesh from Friday, January 28, 2022, to Monday, January 31, 2022. Youth from all over Bangladesh will participate in this campaign, maintaining social distance from the important locations of their respective districts.

This is high time to show the world what the youth of this country can do and how they can fight to combat this pandemic together.

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