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National Youth Assembly

National Youth Assembly 2017 is part of JAAGO Foundations endeavor to build Leadership Skills and Capacity among the volunteers of its nation-wide volunteer organization – VBD. For Details

Bangladesh Youth Network (BYN)

With the collaboration with UNDP youth program of JAAGO Foundation has created a platform of organizations working for youth priorities throughout Bangladesh. For Details

Universal Children’s Day

Since 2009 Volunteer for Bangladesh has been observing Universal Children’s Day in Bangladesh. Thousands of volunteers on this day pour out into the streets of different districts. For Details

Youth Perception Survey

Apart from conducting campaigns Volunteer of Volunteer for Bangladesh were involved in conduct surveys. Youth Perception Survey supported by U.S Department of State . For Details

Donate money

Contribute in our mission to breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

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Become volunteer

Join our Volunteer platform and let us rebuild the nation.

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Support a child’s monthly education cost and help build an enlightened community.

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